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Services we Offer

Remote Monitoring and Management

FastNetSecurity's Remote Monitoring and Management tool keeps your system health at its most optimal level.  As a continued improvement in performance and reliability, FastNet's RMM tool performs software and security patching, system health checks, connectivity monitoring, advanced scripting capabilities, and more.  All features of the tool are tailored to best fit your business.  FastNetSecurity's RMM tool provides instant notification of any type of issue that could disrupt your workflow, with real-time diagnostic and analysis reporting.

Enterprise Class Anti-Virus

FastNetSecurity incorporates an Enterprise class Anti-Virus tool: GFI’s ThreatTrack.  GFI’s ThreatTrack is powerful Antivirus Software, Mobile Security, Malware Analysis and Threat Intelligence. Real-time Anti-Virus protection as well as scheduled Virus scans, all of which are customized to better fit your business, allow for secured, safe, and reliable computing environment. Named Editor’s Choice by, “ThreatTrack is fast, it’s easy to use, and it keeps your PC safe."

Industry Leading Anti-Malware

FastNetSecurity utilizes what is considered the best Anti-Malware software by IT experts: Malwarebytes Professional. Malwarebytes is a lightweight but extremely powerful Anti-Malware tool that silently runs in the background of your Desktops, Laptops, and Servers. The tool runs scheduled file system scans as well as real-time protection to ensure that in the case of infection, your computers will stay fully operational as the threat is removed. There are many custom scan scheduling features as well as additional custom options to better fit your business, all of which will be tailored to optimize performance and reliability.

Cloud Networking

Let FastNet's Servers do all the hard work for your business: Securely, Efficiently, and Remotely.  As a Cloud Certified Vendor, FastNet's Cloud Computing options are robust yet simple.  Instead of hosting a local server at your business, FastNet's Cloud Applications run on hardware located within our Network Operations Center.  This means there is no need for pricey server systems at your workplace, as our servers are capable of processing data remotely, allowing for seamless computing on cross-platform devices.  In the case your data is required to be protected locally, FastNet incorporates local Cloud solutions as well.

As a Cloud Certified vendor, FastNet’s Cloud Computing options are robust yet simple. Cloud computing involves the remote processing, management, and upgrading of the software your business requires. Instead of hosting a local server at your business, FastNet’sCloud Computing application does all the hard work for you. A simple client level interface on your end users machines connects to FastNet’s Cloud Server System, in which your required applications are hosted. This means there is no need for pricey computer systems at your workplace, as our servers are capable of processing any strenuous data remotely, while in turn allowing seamless computing with more energy efficient workstations behind the fingertips of your employees. As well as remote Cloud options, FastNet incorporates local Cloud solutions in the event your data is required to be protected locally by compliance or security reasons.
Desktop, Laptop, & Server Repair

Are your computers in need of repair?  FastNetSecurity keeps stock of many replacement and upgrade parts for your computers or servers.  We offer broken screen replacement on laptops, system upgrades such as Solid State Drives, Memory, GPU and CPU upgrades, RAID support and repair, powersupply and motherboard testing, plus much more.  In addition to hardware servicing, FastNet offers Operating System upgrades, third party and proprietary software support, and specific application troubleshooting and maintenance.
Email Spam Filtering

FastNetSecurity's SpamGuard utilizes the latest technology from GFI - MaxMailProtection.   GFI MaxMailProtection's cutting edge technology ensures the optimal filtering of unwanted or harmful messages including directory harvesting spam.  At the same time, its customisble management interface and innovative features such as one-click whitelisting, ensure that the solution in both simple to use and hassle-free.
Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your data is the backbone of your business.  FastNetSecurity employs multiple backup and disaster recovery solutions to protect you.  We offer both on and off-site hardware based backup options for business continuity planning and disaster recovery.  If at any time your systems or facility experience a situation that involves data loss or corruption, FastNet will provide immediate recovery options to keep you running.